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Welcome to
Heybridge Pre-School

To all the wonderful ladies at Heybridge Pre-school. Thank you so very much for making Charlottes time at Pre-School so very happy! Wishing you all the very best.

Sarah, Maldon

We are a non profit making community pre-school that offers a safe, nurturing environment where your child will receive a fun, exciting and stimulating educational experience. We recognise the important role “just playing” has in the early years. By encouraging children to explore their environment for themselves and providing resources (and time!) for experimentation, children learn new skills and perfect the old.

Our ratio of adults to child is always more than required (1:5 as opposed to 1:8) which allows us to spend more 1:1 time with each child as well as well as the group activities and well supervised free play. Our staff turnover is extremely low, which in turn provides a continuity of care for the children (and parents!). We aim to be warm and welcoming to you and your child, and have an ‘open door policy’ actively encouraging you to stop and chat with staff about any worries, concerns, news or information that may affect your child.

All children will be provided with a Personal Learning Journey profile which consists of photos of your child, artwork, hand prints, observations and achievements from their time with us. This learning journey will come home with your child after each session keeping you informed of what your child has been up to, allowing you to make comments, add progresses and even your own photos! It is an invaluable communication tool and a priceless keepsake of your child’s early years.

Every child is assigned a key worker who is a first point of contact for parent/carers. Your child’s Key worker will be chosen based on your child’s individual needs and relationships built with staff to ensure your child flourishes. The key worker keeps up to date records of your child’s progress whilst they are with us.

We have excellent links with the local school, Heybridge Primary School and also work with the other schools in the area to support children through the transition from preschool to school.